Made While Simpin is a fashion brand that serves as a reminder that light can be found even in the darkest of places. In its core, the brand aims to represent a community built on empowerment, that even during your worst times there is always an opportunity to create something special. 

Committed to sustainability, each Made While Simpin piece begins as old or thrifted clothing. It is then sewn, dyed, and/or bleached to give new life to the threads. 

Every new creation represents the beauty that can be found amidst the chaos. What started as a hobby has now elevated into a lifelong creative project that brings unique and abstract 1 of 1 fashion pieces to the world. 

Benedict Carandang


I started this brand in 2020 by making pieces for myself as a distraction from all the madness, frustration, and anxiousness that surrounded my post grad life - in the middle of a pandemic. As a fan of fashion, creating my own clothing was always a dream of mine, but the expenses were always holding me back. Moving back home, however, made me realize how much clothes I really had. Pieces that had just been sitting in my closet for years. Inspired by my grandma’s ability to make clothes out of scrap fabric, I took this opportunity to challenge my creativity and use my old clothes as blank canvases. Soon enough those old pieces transformed my closet into a completely new wardrobe. I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by other amazing creatives who encourage me to make more pieces. This encouragement has allowed me to create an up-cycled 1 of 1 streetwear fashion brand where each piece is made - all by hand, all while simpin.